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These are committees that we are putting together and for which we are soliciting volunteers.

  • Welcoming Committee:  Want to be a part of this? click here
    Purpose - To assure that new residents are brought up to speed on the community's obligation to them and their obligation to the community
  • Architectural Review Board: Want on this committee? click here
    Purpose-To assure the covenants of the By-Laws are met and the standards established for the community are maintained.
  • Crime Watch Committee: That's for me! click here
    Palm Beach County has a proven program in place. We will try to get highlights of the program at our next board meeting. 
  • Communications Committee: contact usclick here
    Purpose-To maintain our website and make available, to the community, all goings on of interest to the members and to simplify the understanding of the covenants to which we have agreed to honor as residents of Cypress Trails.
  • Political Activist Committee: contact click here

Suggestions for other areas that you believe would be beneficial to our community and merit need for a committee our gratefully solicited.

Contact us click here


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